Dreams of Tomorrows by Dorinda Duclos from Night Owl Poetry

Raindrops fell in white crystalline shapes, softly floating down to touch upon the earth. Barren trees shivered, now that they had shed their autumn coats. Yes, winter was here, with its cold and its frost, and its snow. Mostly snow, like confectioner’s sugar coating the land, yet, not so sweetly. This was the time to […]

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Men vs. Women in U.S. Government — TIME

Women make up more than half the U.S. population, but 240 years after the nation’s founding they are still not equally represented in government. No matter who is elected president when Americans head to the polls on Tuesday, the fact remains that in 2016, women held just 23% of government offices, according to the Center…

via See How Many Men There Are for Each Woman in U.S. Government — TIME

This is important in how we deal with the world and women, children included. Change is good; wish I were younger.


Labor of Love


What do you think of my beautiful header? I’m my own blogger, writer, photographer, cover designer, and marketeer. Yes, I’ve put myself out there even with two 1-star reviews. Why?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If anything I sure am getting better and better. Eventually those reviewers won’t bother and maybe I’ll get a few that like the stories. I’ve been warned about the review thingy. If you have read my books, please take five minutes and leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Recently I reread a manuscript and shook my head at the very first sentence with its awkwardness. Why didn’t I catch that dis-pleasurable play of words? Maybe because I’m still learning, almost there or just a writer who is human. Possibly, some manuscripts are better than others, even among my own slush pile!

Could it possibly be that I’m doing too much, the work of six or seven employees? We women ya know have that Wonder Woman complex going most of the time. I believe she has a movie coming out, must go see that one.

Though it doesn’t seem like I’m overextended or trying too hard, ya know the saying about when you like what you do it’s not work. Yes, that one. Let’s just call it a labor of love. Wink, wink.

Above is another cover I made for Into the Vines, my contemporary novel of fiction via Thinkstock Images & Amazon KDP. The other paintings are by Claude Monet (the luncheon, the gardens, the train station 1887) which inspired me when writing a few scenes in the book. These are available on Wikimedia Commons, a sharing site for art work on the net.

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