The Verdant Moon

Thanks for this piece. Descriptive action and beauty.

Myths of the Mirror

Claude Monet Claude Monet

In my fantasy worlds, the Verdant Moon heralds the high heat of summer. On the sea, winter’s iron clouds have long blown west and the island’s white bluffs are alive with nesting fishers and heckling gulls. The village shores idle, embraced by calmer waters, and small single-masted fishing boats rest on the beach, keels cutting long grooves in the sand.

No one lingers inside their narrow harbor homes when the markets brim with crabs’ legs and smoked redfish, squid with coiling tentacles, and the slimy innards of crusty shells. Summer brings more familiar fare from the dark-loamed farms: honeyed cakes and salty bread, ripe fruits, and bouquets of greens. Few go hungry during the Verdant Moon.

The Verdant Moon shines on the world tomorrow night, July 19th.

Vernal Moon

Excerpt from the Vernal Moon, Eye of Sun
The Dragon Soul Quartet

Treasach made the decision to sail the Seabourne onto…

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NEW pic of Theresa Carle-Sanders and Graham McTavish

Reblogging this fan picture of Graham McTavish from Outlander on Starz. My husband and I are glued to our TV sets every Saturday night. We love the show! I totally didn’t see his demise in the ninety minute finale. Wow. The story sets fire to my thirst for historical fiction and romance with paramount struggles. If you haven’t seen it join in next year.

Outlander Online

NEW pic of Theresa Carle-Sanders and Graham McTavish



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An Unbelievable Moment


61boF6dC1pL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Conceiving, Creating, Writing and Publishing my novel Into the Vines has been more than an unbelievable moment, rather more like a crazy four years on a fast roller coaster. It was intense to say the least. But I know that roller coasters stop and let the people off, either they go again because the thrill calls them home or they take a rest. Which kind of person or writer are you?

I love the thrill at the amusement park but I like little breaks because I have to build myself back up, but when I’m ready there’s plenty of steam to make for an even more powerful ride.

There’s a step missing from the first paragraph, one in which I have improved but still remain a full fledged unprofessional. Editing. Maybe I’ll get there and maybe I won’t. It has not stopped me though and I won’t let it deter me from writing another story. Why? Because I’ve learned so much and will do it again, faster and better.

I want to thank everyone who Blogs, Tweets, and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Tumblr! I have tried to learn, emulate that material I like or love and generally be a good sport. That’s my nature, naturally. Many bloggers have helped me and probably didn’t even know it. I enjoyed reading their posts and commenting. Y’all are inspiring. Many, many thanks. I hope that I find readers and am able to take forward what I know and share with others.

Wish me luck for a small success, like selling a few copies and writing again. Future plans include possibly making new covers for The Vintage Bleu Trilogy for paperback and kindle, nook, etc. as many will not buy such a large volume at 177K words. Also, I plan on doing Snapchat! Why? Because why not. Take advantage of our technology and use it to suit your needs. Good luck to all of you!

I love blogging and will return in the Fall. Catch me on Instagram this July where I’m playing a game of #bookstagram for the whole month. Bookstagram by @sammyreadsbooks.

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Stars in Heaven

I’m at a loss why this keeps happening. People close to me tell me it’s been happening for thousands of years. That’s not an answer for me. I don’t accept that.

When my thoughts become words that can accurately piece together an organized blog post I will do such a thing. For now I took some pictures on the night of terror and they convey quite simply an inner peace and fortitude that tells me I don’t want another thousand years of killings!


Built Strong Last Long

Peace to the families and loved ones experiencing this unbearable pain. My hope is we finally do something for you and all the others harmed before our very eyes. My children have grown up with killings since Columbine, it’s their norm like Vietnam was my norm. I think women are missing from the global and US picture.

Photography by Kim Troike


Photography is huge these days with Snapchat conversations, selfies, and phones capturing every moment of our lives. Face it, for a while, life is moving FAST!


Then we display our talents on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Of course, I’m on all of those. Why not? It’s fun. But here on WordPress my mind is able to decipher all the jargon and I can use my brain to feel accomplished. I need to figure out how to put my name on the photo. I’ll add that to my to-do list.


The above photos were taken with my phone out at a restaurant on a date. The pair turned out so lovely I wanted to share them. The second photo is filtered. Which one do you prefer, filtered or unfiltered? Sounds like a cigarette commercial from the seventies. I haven’t figured out how to use my camera as yet but I will very soon. I know that I have that eye, that sensitivity, or quality that finds the picture.

No, I’m not full of myself. It’s just something you know. I wonder if others find this with taking pictures or writing or creativity in general. It is a good feeling and something that we own ourselves. How about you? What do you enjoy making? Maybe this generation which feels and communicates through their phone gets instant gratification through likes, posts, and pictures. It’s here, let’s join in the fun.


Photography by Kim Troike