Recently I revised my cover for Amazon ‘s digital version and I’d like to showcase that here:

The second one is up on Amazon! Purchase here. Below is the print version for sale on Amazon. Into the Vines by Kim Troike (same book & author as Caroline Clemens) is a contemporary novel of fiction with adventure, mystery and family themes set about in this global world.  A family is formed on a vineyard in the Loire Valley through extreme circumstances after a pilot rescues persons around the globe from disasters!


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Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

String the Cranberries by Caroline Clemens is … A Christmas novella set in the Midwest. Brandon searches the paper for opportunities in the south-side of Chicago when he eyes a job opening. Farm and ranch hands needed. Immediate openings in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This romantic tale of opportunities while searching for a better life, breathes kindness and strength while listening to the wisdom of strangers.

Autumn Quotes by Caroline Clemens is a finely laden book of poetry delicately and decidedly all her own. Over the course of two years while attending the d-Verse Pub online Caroline has written poetry in form and verse on varied subjects.

A Poetry collection displayed with care for the seasons of our lives. From our beginnings in Summer Love we follow ideas to the Spring Spirit in all of us. Maturity and wisdom blend for an adventure into Autumn Quotes, which then, finally, we arrive at Winter’s Fin. The tulip tree or Japanese Maple on the cover represents to me that burst of life some of us are lucky enough to be gifted, and in so doing we are ignited with endless energy for our pursuits. I often wondered why the tulip tree was my favorite spring blossom and now I know why.

Available as an e-read from Amazon, check out the cover with the gorgeous Japanese Magnolia photograph from Thinkstock.

Available on Amazon Kindle


aa129402BookStub-1Bleu Moon by Caroline Clemens (pen) is the second story in Into the Vines and received honorable mentions at London and L.A. book festivals.

This contemporary novel of fiction takes place in Paris and the Loire Valley on a vineyard near the river. The Bleu is a jazz nightclub where all the characters manage to enter, mix or be entertained. Darlene is Olivier’s business partner and her life is about to come face to face with reality.

This story will tug at your heart and have you enthralled in their lives. Prepare for an adventure filled with mystery and humor. The author has won two international awards for this novel. Good for Teens, YA, and adults who like contemporary fiction. Realism amidst Paris & the French countryside with a vacation to an island named Maupiti sets up the adventure, after tragic events in the children’s lives gets resolution in an unusual way.

Available on Amazon


Magpie~A CollectionMagpie by Caroline Clemens (pen) is a children’s book.

Magpie~A Collection … a children’s book for ages 4-12 containing poetry, stories of tea parties, weddings, girl struggles, homelessness and mother-daughter interaction. Room for your own creativity and illustration.

Available in print and e-read on Amazon.

Available on Amazon



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Bleu Moon … a map to the island of Dorado



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