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50th Annual Georgia Author of The Year

Soon I will be revealing the title to my next story. Geez, I sound like a writer. Am I? Well, according to my historical fiction set in the 1920’s, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

That’s how I feel. Yes, energized, unsure, trying new things and a whole lot of unknowns. How can I go on this path? I need the assurances, the paychecks, the God given smiles from Christians that you are doing a good job. Why on earth would anyone try something with no certainties?

Because it’s all mine. It’s me. It’s like sewing a dress, winning a tennis match, reading a book, and watching Titanic all rolled into one glorious masterpiece. There you have it! I won.

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Thanks for reading. See next time. Picture credit from Georgia’s Author of the Year nomination and dinner. My husband and son, Michael and Matthew, accompanied me to this fine event at Kennesaw University where I met other nominated authors.

Kim Troike


Just In Case

Just in case you’ve found my writing blog let me update you on all things related.


I’m totally doing too many things at once but will continue. I’m not frantic yet, its just that my goals and plans all came together and well you know the rest. No sleeping dogs here.

Presently I’m working on North Depot 1922, which is the temporary title of my historical fiction novel. Suddenly, with a bit of inspiration the new title presented itself. I hope to reveal this March 1st or April 1st. I think you’ll like it. Its sweet like one of my characters.

Other works I’d like to do are more poetry, children’s & teen stories and, of course, get picked up so someone else can promote me, do the very detailed & professional work of spacing, book covers, and final editing. It is amazing work that self-published authors do all by themselves.

I am very proud of my novel Into the Vines which you can find on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I published this January of 2015. They have digital and paper copies for purchase! Look under Kim Troike or Caroline Clemens books.

I do like the writing, it comes easy, so naturally that it surprises even me. Without readers though it would be like a symphony that had no sound, you know its great but you didn’t really experience it. Your loss.

I’m on the web on Twitter & Instagram. Please follow me there. I’m using this avatar for reference from Thinkstock photos. See below.iStock_000048750328_Medium(1)

Thanks for following me. Just in case you’ve heard about Indie authors and wanted to read one of them, then here I am. My characters are waiting to board the train so I must go …

By Kim Troike

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The Wanderlust: A Fine Grey Hare: – Free Online Book by M. R. Goodhew –

I do like this cover! Tell me if you do. There’s a chapter to read for FREE. Thanks to M.R. Goodhew the author and cover designer.

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1Michelle Renee Goodhew is a superb cover designer. Drawing upon her experience  working within the publishing industry, Michelle has produced some extremely useful books to aid the Indie author, including “How to Design Your Author Brand” and “How to Build Your Author Platform: The Indie Author Start Up”. Through her design website authors can find video tutorials and templates to help them design their own “visually impressive platform from which to launch their books and in effect their dream of being a successful author.”

Here, Michelle is sharing a scene from the first chapter of her new book, A Fine Grey Hare, a work of fantasy. Other scenes are available on her website. Michelle writes that this is a first draft and she is seeking critiques of her writing that she will use during her first round of edits on this draft.

“I am…

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How to find a title for your book

Great source for ideas. Thanks Aurora!

Writer's Treasure Chest

You wrote a book. You are writing a book. You are prepared to write a book. And of course, it is important that your book or future book will get a decent title. Catching, attracting curiosity, but not telling too much about its contents. Now, what are you doing?

I have asked as many writers as I could: “How do you find a title – and when do you try to find a title for your book?”

And I got as many answers as I asked authors.

Some of them find them at the beginning, or before they even started. Some can think of a title while they’re still writing and some are thinking forever about it after the book is completed.

For the past few days, I have tried to research some information on how to find a book title for my book(s).


August 1, 2013, Writer’s Relief…

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