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Blog Talk Radio … Have you heard of it? I hadn’t but now I know. Latisha McDougal from MWHY Blog Talk Radio did an interview for me about my writing. I wasn’t sure how to prepare for this, so I made notes, had my books handy, lit a candle and reported in.

By that, I mean I called in to her program and she prepped me as to when we would start. From that moment there was no turning back. How would I be interesting? Boring, yes that word crept into my mind. But once we started, I couldn’t stop. I tried to let it flow. I must learn to use my pen name and not refer to myself as Kim.

I was so relieved after it was over; are you kidding? Panic almost set in … do you sense a wee bit of drama here? Yes, that helps to make more of it than it actually is. Latisha was professional and put me at ease, I guess I would do it again. Thank you so much Latisha.

Radio Interview

Here’s the link to see the site where she holds Blog Talk Radio!

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