Into the Vines



Above is my complete novel of fiction for Teens, YA, and Adults. The volume contains three books which are one continuous story written over three years. Yes, the amount of words >150K fit the Kindle price of 7.99. I’ve dabbled in covers but like this one with the vintage blue colors.

It’s my masterpiece and I would absolutely enjoy your opinion, through a review or just a comment on my social medias. Go back a couple posts on this blog and you’ll see all the contacts.

I’m going to write another novel because I’ve learned how to do it. People have said its a page turner, I should believe them. One thing is for sure I love to travel so you won’t set still in every chapter. I also love houses and gardens and rivers and oceans … you get the picture. Stories of families, love, adventure, illnesses, and adoption with modern realism are touchstones of my writing.

I know I’ll improve; how could I not? Thanks for following me and encouraging me, you know who you are!

To do list: make a newsletter, get a publisher, and write a couple books a year for many years. There ya go. Adios.




Game of Links


I didn’t forget; I’m just a day late. Guess what? So what!

Today is my title reveal, no cover, just the title. I’ve come up with a game, you know like “Game of Thrones.” Only its called Game of Links.

Here’s how you play. Just follow the links until finally you are at my Tumblr blog Caroline Clemens. There you will see North Depot, an actual place and a few photos with the title. Please leave me some love and comments. Do you like it?

Game of Links …

I’m pitching this in May and am not done yet, so I’ve work to do! Adios. Gracias.