September 18th, 2020

Thanks for following me here on my author blog and other social media sites. I’ve written quite a few books since 2011, in fact, nine in all and am in the process of the tenth. It has taken an extreme amount of time for this manuscript as I have moved six times since beginning the second thriller back in 2017. I started marketing last fall (2019) for the first time since beginning this writing journey. Why not before? I was too busy learning the craft of writing and developing my way.

Oh ya, I have three kids who are 21 and up, two pets, and a husband. I’m semi retired in that I don’t have employment, or a paycheck, but do desire one. I’ve applied to many positions with interviews, something just wasn’t right. I attempted to get my nursing license during Covid but that failed. Secretly, I’m hoping to sell books. My books that is!

Here’s the plan: continue social media, finish this manuscript, pay an editor, repeat, find a cover, then publish likely between November and February 2021. I’ve tried to get an agent to no avail. They say agents take a portion of your money like publishers do but if you don’t make anything, well, it can be a vicious cycle of tough luck. In addition, I will try to get into Barnes & Noble again. Then I will try to get into independent book stores with author visits as allowed.

This is one tough slog, as the British say, but quitters never win and winners never quit. Stay tuned to find out if I succeed. What is success? Readers who like my books and want more. Caring about the little guy. Who is the little guy? He or she is the one who has gotten trampled upon and not been given their due respect because someone else decided their fate. Fairness, I suppose, is what I want to maintain in America and around the world. Now carpe diem!

I’ll be posting on my blog articles about the news and understanding our world and a series here on how to write a novel. Just click the blog link up top to read those articles. Subscribe here to my author site for the series! I’ll get you all the way from writing your novel, publishing the book and then you’ll be the seller. This is eight years of information, my present to YOU! Spread the word!

Caroline Clemens

Novelist & Poet