cropped-cm800px-claude_monet_-_the_magpie_-_google_art_project.jpgThough sometimes one feels like the lone magpie on the fence … the blogging world has many sites to visit, read and leave comments. To help expand the reach of my written words, I turn to others, and promote their work while continuing my own.

I have three Indie authors with published works for sale on Amazon. You get a feel for the person behind the writing with links to their product. The writing is real and imaginative, and as good as the big guys. My latest interviews are here.

Gardenlilie is my primary and oldest blog celebrating authors and artists. If you would like to be posted contact me here. I would love to showcase your talents, Indie or Professional.

Theivorytide is my newest blog and I post journalism-quality news articles, some relate to the novel I just completed, and others are just inspiring. Have a look. Included are pickles (preserved, treasured, museums) and color (photos, artwork).

AuthorsIndie Author, Michael Brookes, showcases others on his blog. He has displayed my outlook for theivorytide. Have a look.

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Radio Interview

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio … Have you heard of it? I hadn’t but now I know. Latisha McDougal from MWHY Blog Talk Radio did an interview for me about my writing. I wasn’t sure how to prepare for this, so I made notes, had my books handy, lit a candle and reported in.

By that, I mean I called in to her program and she prepped me as to when we would start. From that moment there was no turning back. How would I be interesting? Boring, yes that word crept into my mind. But once we started, I couldn’t stop. I tried to let it flow. I must learn to use my pen name and not refer to myself as Kim.

I was so relieved after it was over; are you kidding? Panic almost set in … do you sense a wee bit of drama here? Yes, that helps to make more of it than it actually is. Latisha was professional and put me at ease, I guess I would do it again. Thank you so much Latisha.

Radio Interview

Here’s the link to see the site where she holds Blog Talk Radio!

Click this link to listen to the author interviews from Feb. 20th, mine included.

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