Before I Go

Before I go and write a Holiday post …

indexI wanted to give you links and a picture of my novel. I am quite proud and maybe too subtle. I don’t have time to travel and vie for readership. So for now I am content (have to be) in that I created a piece of literature which contains beauty all its own and lives within its fictitious soul. I’m good, seriously that’s how I roll. I did have hopes for more, don’t we all.

Next post I am going to do a Christmas letter for my WordPress followers. I do appreciate you and try to read as many as I can. Without you dare I say blogging would be a lonely party.

Here’s a link to Amazon for purchase of my Holiday Novella, a full length novel and a novella that started it all. I’m going to see if I can give Apple iTunes a shot w my stories in January or right after Christmas. Any feedback is welcome!


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