Poetry challenge #15: Shadorma

Bright and light from Jane! Thanks.

Jane Dougherty Writes

Here’s one I haven’t tried on you yet, just tested it myself the day before yesterday. It’s a neat form of six line stanzas using the syllable pattern 3/5/3/3/7/5. There’s no rhyme required but you can add as many stanzas as you like.

Here’s my shadorma sequence.

The painting is called City of Dreams by ©Matteo Da Vinci


Go to sleep,

The sleep of the just,

Turn your back

On the pain,

Wake to find the deed is done,

Decision taken.

Parting’s hard,

Too hard for the weak.

You would stay,

Live with tears,

Easier far to pretend,

Than face the chasm.

Pack my hopes

In a feather bag,

Sleep your sleep,

Dream your dream.

When you wake I’ll be long gone,

Winging to the sun.

If you would like to use the splendid painting as inspiration, please do. Post your creations in the comments box and leave a link…

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