Title Reveal

50th Annual Georgia Author of The Year

Soon I will be revealing the title to my next story. Geez, I sound like a writer. Am I? Well, according to my historical fiction set in the 1920’s, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

That’s how I feel. Yes, energized, unsure, trying new things and a whole lot of unknowns. How can I go on this path? I need the assurances, the paychecks, the God given smiles from Christians that you are doing a good job. Why on earth would anyone try something with no certainties?

Because it’s all mine. It’s me. It’s like sewing a dress, winning a tennis match, reading a book, and watching Titanic all rolled into one glorious masterpiece. There you have it! I won.

Follow me on my social medias for updates or glimpses into my writing, photography or whatever strikes me. Definitely stay tuned for the title reveal!

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Thanks for reading. See next time. Picture credit from Georgia’s Author of the Year nomination and dinner. My husband and son, Michael and Matthew, accompanied me to this fine event at Kennesaw University where I met other nominated authors.

Kim Troike


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