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Here’s my 2nd newsletter via my blog. I’ll post May, September and December. Every writer started somewhere and they tell me the successful ones are those that didn’t quit! Here I am after six years of pursuing that idea of writing a Romance novel.

I visited southwest Florida in April and stayed in the Marriott Hotel which overlooked the ocean and the bridge to Captiva and Sanibel Islands. Are they islands or keys as they seem like sandbars from another time, rather like the keys to Key West?

Who knew a bridge could be so captivating? Not me. Above photography taken from my balcony has been highlighted by some filter off of Instagram. Looks like a watercolor, no? I believe I could stay in that room for a month and read and write, with a daily trip to the pool and dinner out. Seafood anyone? At Charlie’s Cabana Bar? I would be satisfied, happy.

I finished the 2nd draft of Chocolate for Lilly, or North Depot 1922 (my first title), a 1920’s historical fiction. I pitched this at the Atlanta’s Writers conference, however, after changing my query editors around I found myself in a Sci-Fi room and she didn’t take historical fiction. (I looked back at how I could have blundered this important event and I most likely was going to query my novel Into the Vines to her, not sure).

Imagine my ‘hit myself in the head moment’ really? What could I do but dance a little stupid number and then talk about my fumbling to a fellow writer from Michigan. Guess what? I met the husband of a woman who did get her manuscript accepted. It felt good to be happy for someone else. šŸ™‚

My novel/book “Into the Vines” is being reviewed by Peachtree Publishers here in Atlanta. I should find out something this fall. In the meantime its available on and Barnes&

I entered a Poetry contest, actually two. There ya go, I participate in challenges for my artistic endeavors. It is fun and when I talk to others, they are on the same plane as myself. Long ago, I did theater productions in our annual high school musicals, never as a lead but chorus and dance numbers, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog and reading my newsletter! Kim

Photography by Kim Troike

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