An Unbelievable Moment


61boF6dC1pL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Conceiving, Creating, Writing and Publishing my novel Into the Vines has been more than an unbelievable moment, rather more like a crazy four years on a fast roller coaster. It was intense to say the least. But I know that roller coasters stop and let the people off, either they go again because the thrill calls them home or they take a rest. Which kind of person or writer are you?

I love the thrill at the amusement park but I like little breaks because I have to build myself back up, but when I’m ready there’s plenty of steam to make for an even more powerful ride.

There’s a step missing from the first paragraph, one in which I have improved but still remain a full fledged unprofessional. Editing. Maybe I’ll get there and maybe I won’t. It has not stopped me though and I won’t let it deter me from writing another story. Why? Because I’ve learned so much and will do it again, faster and better.

I want to thank everyone who Blogs, Tweets, and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Tumblr! I have tried to learn, emulate that material I like or love and generally be a good sport. That’s my nature, naturally. Many bloggers have helped me and probably didn’t even know it. I enjoyed reading their posts and commenting. Y’all are inspiring. Many, many thanks. I hope that I find readers and am able to take forward what I know and share with others.

Wish me luck for a small success, like selling a few copies and writing again. Future plans include possibly making new covers for The Vintage Bleu Trilogy for paperback and kindle, nook, etc. as many will not buy such a large volume at 177K words. Also, I plan on doing Snapchat! Why? Because why not. Take advantage of our technology and use it to suit your needs. Good luck to all of you!

I love blogging and will return in the Fall. Catch me on Instagram this July where I’m playing a game of #bookstagram for the whole month. Bookstagram by @sammyreadsbooks.

Twitter@gardenliliepub  Instagram@Kim_Troike


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