Friendship and Writing

My beautiful friend supports me totally for writing a book. Her words, “I can’t believe you wrote a novel!”

I repeat back to her, “I know, I can’t believe it either.” I love her to the moon and back for gushing over my accomplishment. 

But I did and that’s the important aspect of the whole idea. Do you have ideas of doing something which seems nearly impossible? If so, I’d like to help you with encouragement or motivation. 

Follow my blog and reach out with questions. I have answers for you.

My mother has my book center stage! How surprised I was to find it on her coffee table, adorning the beautiful tray with candles. Sometimes in life what you do supersedes any words someone speaks. 

Into the Vines by Kim Troike is my novel of fiction, a story contained by realism and optimism, following personal struggles and human conditions involving children of the world. 

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, digital or print.

The above is my notebook for thoughts, poems, outlines and future works, therefore an idea book. Looking forward to writing and finishing another future project. Me and Mickie working together with my favorite 🍎.

 Oh wait, my dad always corrected this English. He’d say, “It’s Mickie and I, Kim.” You see I had an English teacher at home. I guess I am the lucky one. What does your dad teach you?

Caroline Clemens 

Photography by Kim Troike/Marilyn Clemens

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