Poetry From Autumn Quotes

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Beneath the sea,
Frolics you and me.
If ever we are caught,
Such a battle will be fought.
The air is gold above the ivory tide;
Yet, free we glide in our coral and aqua ride.

Moon River

A beautiful moon river …
The path so golden and lit;
Shall I dream a dream,
Or blink reality as I sit?

My Moon

Evening dropped by again
I raced down the planks lightly.
There he was waiting for me,
Rising up from the dark water.

Calmness settled over me smoothly
I just know he wants to tell me.
Maybe something new, maybe what I know.
My feet shift and stand firm in the sand.

Climbing the sky he’s going too fast.
I want to hold on and go slow.
What blessings can this glow give to me?
A silver river of dreams from me to my moon,

Yes, just me and my moon now,
Glimmering white surrounded by pale clouds.
He burst through and made me smile
Knowing dreams would come true after a while

All poems by Caroline Clemens from Autumn Quotes on Amazon.

Photography by me.

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