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Caroline Clemens is a poet, writer, and author of the new spy thriller novel “Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi.”

A professional Registered Nurse for decades, Caroline specializes in the human condition, when we are at our weakest. A cardiac clinical manager in the ICU for open heart surgery, she was surrounded by excellence and precision, not to mention blood. She brings the heart of the matter to her novels. Chocolate for Lilly was her historical fiction debut.

Voted twice “Nurse of the Year” by fellow employees, she embodies the great nursing care given in this field of medicine. Gratefully, she has brought this expertise to her eight years of writing and literary coursework from the internet.

From the city of Atlanta where she calls home, she continues to derive inspiration via the late writer, Margaret Mitchell, who penned “Gone with the Wind.” In addition, she credits her famous last name Clemens, alias the witty Mark Twain, and her own father’s anecdotes giving her just the humorous edge she needs to persevere.

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Previous history …

I’ve lived in the South for thirty years and when I first moved to Atlanta, I found the people gracious and the city fun. The people were soft-spoken, kind, and willing to greet you with an openness. Not that the North, where I’m from didn’t have many wonderful attributes, greetings were just different. My career in Nursing was spent in the Cardiac and Post Anesthesia Care Units at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta. When I finally became a mother I opted to stay home with three kids sixteen months apart. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, that I was born to be one as I was: the babysitter, the seamstress, the cook, the gardener, the worker and most responsible (insert brag-gag, lol). Before children my husband and I traveled extensively and led a full life. When kids came we were elated and thought parenting the supreme job over anything in all the world.

My foray into writing began seven years ago right before I sought re-employment in Nursing. I dabbled online and began reading poetry, listening to music, and discovering movies all over again. I had really become so absorbed in family, I gave no time for me. I suddenly became intent on writing a novel, that novel I always wanted to write. I’d bought a paperback ‘How To’ when I was thirty and never did it. I started with poetry, having written two poems in my twenties, one about Thanksgiving for my grandmother, and the other a tribute for my sister. I found places online through Twitter where I joined a poets pub, d-Verse, and signed on to be a writer for the River Journal now called The Rivermuse, an artsy magazine. I started a blog and quickly found my voice with creative freedom.

50th Annual Georgia Author of The Year

I’m Kim Troike and use the pen name Caroline Clemens. My mother was going to name me Caroline and Clemens is my maiden name. Above photo is from the 2014 Atlanta Writer’s Awards Dinner with my husband, Michael, and son, Matthew.

My hopes and dreams were realized upon finishing my 1st novel. I could not have been more proud. Who says pride isn’t a good thing? My publisher was XLibris who offered this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They do a terrific job at helping authors to self-publish with keeping that professional look. Now I self-publish via Amazon. In the end I hope to find readers and engage them in compelling stories.

*Kim Troike has written three novels included in the Into the Vines book and a poetry collection titled Autumn Quotes using the pen name Caroline Clemens. All are available on Amazon. Previously she published online news articles for the Guardian Liberty Voice, received honorable mentions at the London, LA, and Orlando Book Festivals, and was an entrant in several poetry contests including the Walt Whitman 1st poetry book, the F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Amy Lowell, and the Loraine Williams poetry contests. She was a Georgia Writer of the Year nominee. She’s finished writing a 1920’s historical fiction set in America on the eastern seaboard and will pitch this in Atlanta come May. Below is her contact info with books on Amazon and items designed by her on Zazzle. Why a store you ask? Because along with the desire to be a mom and nurse, she also wanted to be a tennis star, clothing designer & store owner!

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