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INTO THE VINES by Kim Troike

amazonindexHello Sunday! Here’s what I’m doing to get the WORD out about my novel. First up I’m blogging, though, not quite as much as I’d like to. This will resume in a couple weeks. As an independent author doing it solo, occasionally, priorities set in like LIFE. I never knew wisdom teeth extraction was such a big deal, but it is, especially, when done times two at the same time in your teenagers. Its not funny at the moment but hey, this could end up being in my comedy when I get to that someday.

Blogging, Tweeting, Author book signings, Georgia Writer’s conferences, Amazon KDP promotions, Goodreads groups, and of course reading, writing and learning are all a part of my ways to shepherd my novel and works. We’ll see. Patience is my virtue and persistence comes naturally. Also, fun along the way is probably key. Why else do it if not for fun?

After I finished Into the Vines I realized I needed to spring clean my home as I hadn’t done that in about three years. Taking care of my kids, my self, hubby, pets and a job consumed every last second. Whoa! I’m almost finished and the place is looking fantastic. You know that feeling you get when you go around every room to make it sparkle before a huge party. Your face lights up as your guests give you compliments, and you feel delighted that your home is a castle, your castle!

So without further adieu the promo is beginning and will be in full tilt.

pinkpppMy blog will post once a week articles pertaining to items from my novel, either information based or newsworthy, and definitely global when indicated. My other blog will showcase artists that I’ve met or know well. Poetry, posts and short fiction stories will be posted there, too. My author blog which is right here, focuses on the nitty gritty, the product of my creative endeavors.

Please join me for a drawing of a print copy of “Into the Vines.” Please leave your name and email below or you can email me with that information. I will have the officials (teenagers) of the competition select a winner on May 1st. Shortly after, I’ll notify you and send the book on its way. Good luck to all.

by Kim Troike

pen Caroline Clemens

photo credit Amazon & Google Images