‘What Will I Do? Where Will I Go?’


Gone With The Wind
by Margaret Mitchell

“After all, tomorrow is another day!” Famous last words I can hear coming from Scarlett, played by Vivien Leigh. Was this when she held the dirt in her hand, and crumbled it, or was it when Rhett Butler left her laying on the stairs of the white plantation with green shutters? It doesn’t matter, throughout the whole book she looked to every day as an opportunity, to push forth in her endeavors.
Yes, I wanted to strangle her when she looked, and sought out her dear and precious Ashley, as Rhett loved her so. She should have ran to Rhett played by Clark Gable, as he loved her in so many ways, but her timing was off as she’d met Ashley first. Ha!
My favorite book ‘Gone With The Wind’ gives me strength and hope. In the end she was someone others could lean on.
~Kim Troike



pictures per wikimedia commons