Seventy Nine Word Story Challenge

Why do I love challenges? Not sure. I just do!

My friend Jane on WordPress passed this challenge on to me from Andrew Joyce blog & Chris thestoryreadingapeblog (see below). Each little story was so different. I was delighted reading each one. These short bursts help to inspire you as your time is used up nowadays. Then I killed two birds with one stone/post as they say. Mine is a blurb about the story I’m working on right now.

1920's North Depot 1922

Robert Stephens joins Emmaline Johnson, Rose, Fitz & Lilly, childhood friends, at their summer houses in North Carolina near Asheville in 1919.

With the war over and prohibition in the future, not to mention women’s suffrage, these kids have no idea where life will take them, but for now, a secret binds Robert and Emmaline and they share it most every day.

Years later they meet in New York with resolve to answer a mystery while pursuing their fate.
By Kim Troike

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