Christmas Newsletter 2016


Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you found me, let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and have learned more than I could ever have hoped. It’s like there’s a whole other world out there for sharing and appreciating; makes me feel so grown up! I feel as though the light has been turned ON. I definitely know I found this at the right time as I was looking for more in my life. Why?

Well, I had completed my task list and had dismissed myself to the wayside. Have you ever done that? So I began to concentrate on me and did a couple things but something was missing, that feel or engagement of sorts. Let’s say you attend a musical or play or concert and you just love it. That feeling stays with you for quite sometime. I was missing the concert, or concerto.


Now I feel as though I don’t have enough time in the day; I mean come on God I need 48 hours for every day. Smiles. I’ll prioritize again, very soon, but first I’m launching this writing thing that began back in 2011. I have books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, mostly digital save for one that I spent money to get published from a small press. They did a fantastic job and I was never more proud to have a book of my own. I didn’t break the bank as I’m a bit frugal and handle my finances very well.

Last night though, I transformed my digital stories into print books, low cost to purchase right on Amazon. God Bless Amazon! Seriously, after five years of learning every detail myself, someone was there to take my hand and say, okay here’s the final step. Let’s see if we can’t find you some readers and make a little money for your hard earned efforts. We’ll see. I’m as happy as a ………


Christmas has always been special for me and I don’t remember ever being depressed at this time. I know what sadness is maybe even depression but I never carried it for a long time. I’ve had some hits in my life and I honestly don’t know why but I’m wired to get up every time and start over again. If you are sad or depressed at this time reach out just a little and find someone to have a talk with. That helps tremendously. Coffee and a good chat!

Back to the books and what am I grateful for at this time of the year? Simply the people in my life and the zest for which I live. I’m a list maker and a doer. My husband stood by me for years as we struggled with infertility (the quiet killer of dreams) and now I stand with him as he makes a new career for himself moving forward. I’m proud of him for making that change after 32 years at the same institution. I love change and he doesn’t. Talk about opposites.


Here’s to the next step in life for both of us! I’m just getting started and have more stories to write. I’ve entered contests with cash prizes. Yes! Say a prayer for me and I have already started on a tiny lighthouse Christmas tale. For now go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and find me there under Caroline Clemens, my pen name.  Twitter

Carpe Diem and Merry Christmas with a Blessed New Year! Caroline Clemens

This post is dedicated to Susie Lindau’s #Blessed Project at  #BlessedProject@WildRide

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My husband Mike (aka Hemmingway), lights and cabin via Marybeth & Brian’s place.

*Oh my having trouble getting my novel to convert into print! This is distressing for the life of a self-pubbed writer. One in draft, the other not working. Update later ….

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August Review

My heart wants to share a couple poems with you after I saw the picture of the little boy from Syria all over the news yesterday. He was bloody and shell-shocked. What can we do?



In this cave dusty and hot, but sheltered,
We made it bombs exploding, running fast.

My arms wrap tight and squeeze, shaking
And frightened, more than you sweet babe.

Little one, I will not show you my hurt foot.
It’s there as I smell the familiar red puddle.

My sleeve is wet but there is no pain.
This garment absorbs your escaping fears.

Whoever finds us, my hopes run far and high.
It will be the good men to take us home.

Maybe brother made it, sigh, mom and dad, too.
Though they lay still as we ran, lead lungs.

I will keep you sister close by me, evermore.
No bad men with pointed guns shall find us.

Steal I must the dead man’s gun and shoot
Whomever deems us harm or fateful ills.

I promise this to you as I feel the warmth of
Your breath, your beating heart, next to me, I see.

I see what I must do and be, your guardian-
Your angel here on earth; your need is my plight!


And this next poem my dear readers is a Villanelle, a most difficult one to write using skill and dedication to a beautiful format. The villanesque or villanelle has French origins with Italian meanings, such as a rustic song or dance. The poem contains five tercets, a quatrain with 1st and 3rd lines alternately in repetition, and ending with both refrains included in the last stanza.



Run run, thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.

Children in danger, hunger and war persist; I’d say.

Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.


Days filled with mutilation and murder do not chart.

Unsettled remote areas, barricaded from world; dead bodies lay.

Run run, thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.


Find ways to safety do not be shot hauled off by cart.

No safe refuge, streets deserted; humans run from fray.

Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.


World watches news comes so fast to be what part?

Hoping, we outsiders with shocked eyes do it today.

Run run, thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.


Families, moms and dads, kids used to shop at mart.

Happy times, memories, celebrations of life; we pray.

Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.


Society lessons unlearned disconnect seen in art.

Mighty wishes of peace, still; miracles in month of May?

Run run, thoughts of freedom bring tears young heart.


Strength, energy cursing inside; too young like fruit so tart.


*From Autumn Quotes by Caroline Clemens*