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I’m so glad you you found my blog and you are just in time. I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts via theivorytide over the next several months. Topics from my novel are included with an assortment from adoption and aviation to Paris and the French countryside in the Loire Valley.

I learned so many things writing this story that I want to share that knowledge with others. Thanks for stopping by! Two articles are already written and you’ll find them under the heading “Into the Vines” over at my blog. Click here.

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cropped-cm800px-claude_monet_-_the_magpie_-_google_art_project.jpgThough sometimes one feels like the lone magpie on the fence … the blogging world has many sites to visit, read and leave comments. To help expand the reach of my written words, I turn to others, and promote their work while continuing my own.

I have three Indie authors with published works for sale on Amazon. You get a feel for the person behind the writing with links to their product. The writing is real and imaginative, and as good as the big guys. My latest interviews are here.

Gardenlilie is my primary and oldest blog celebrating authors and artists. If you would like to be posted contact me here. I would love to showcase your talents, Indie or Professional.

Theivorytide is my newest blog and I post journalism-quality news articles, some relate to the novel I just completed, and others are just inspiring. Have a look. Included are pickles (preserved, treasured, museums) and color (photos, artwork).

AuthorsIndie Author, Michael Brookes, showcases others on his blog. He has displayed my outlook for theivorytide. Have a look.

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