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I do like this cover! Tell me if you do. There’s a chapter to read for FREE. Thanks to M.R. Goodhew the author and cover designer.

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1Michelle Renee Goodhew is a superb cover designer. Drawing upon her experience  working within the publishing industry, Michelle has produced some extremely useful books to aid the Indie author, including “How to Design Your Author Brand” and “How to Build Your Author Platform: The Indie Author Start Up”. Through her design website authors can find video tutorials and templates to help them design their own “visually impressive platform from which to launch their books and in effect their dream of being a successful author.”

Here, Michelle is sharing a scene from the first chapter of her new book, A Fine Grey Hare, a work of fantasy. Other scenes are available on her website. Michelle writes that this is a first draft and she is seeking critiques of her writing that she will use during her first round of edits on this draft.

“I am…

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How to find a title for your book

Great source for ideas. Thanks Aurora!

Writer's Treasure Chest

You wrote a book. You are writing a book. You are prepared to write a book. And of course, it is important that your book or future book will get a decent title. Catching, attracting curiosity, but not telling too much about its contents. Now, what are you doing?

I have asked as many writers as I could: “How do you find a title – and when do you try to find a title for your book?”

And I got as many answers as I asked authors.

Some of them find them at the beginning, or before they even started. Some can think of a title while they’re still writing and some are thinking forever about it after the book is completed.

For the past few days, I have tried to research some information on how to find a book title for my book(s).


August 1, 2013, Writer’s Relief…

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Swanskin The Final Update

Beautiful cover Ali, wishing you a wonderful journey that you seem to be riding so well. I enjoy your posts.


Swanskin the Final Update www.aliisaacstoryteller Swanskin the Final Update

It’s been a difficult week; two children sick at home, and now I have contracted the dreaded lurgy myself. It’s not conducive to sleep, writing or creativity. However, I got all my re-writes done, and have just started the final edit before sending my new little book-baby out into the kind (I hope!) hands of my lovely beta-readers. Current word count is 30, 317, but I expect to reduce that as I edit. This is the last time I will post about Swanskin until nearer its launch date. Btw, if anyone’s interested, I’m looking for two more beta-readers.

Here is an excerpt. This piece is one of the re-writes I worked on this week. Cethlenn has something of a complicated relationship with her mother, as you will see…

The atmosphere in school was pretty hyper. There were groups of students everywhere, some happy, a few…

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Poetry challenge #15: Shadorma

Bright and light from Jane! Thanks.

Jane Dougherty Writes

Here’s one I haven’t tried on you yet, just tested it myself the day before yesterday. It’s a neat form of six line stanzas using the syllable pattern 3/5/3/3/7/5. There’s no rhyme required but you can add as many stanzas as you like.

Here’s my shadorma sequence.

The painting is called City of Dreams by ©Matteo Da Vinci


Go to sleep,

The sleep of the just,

Turn your back

On the pain,

Wake to find the deed is done,

Decision taken.

Parting’s hard,

Too hard for the weak.

You would stay,

Live with tears,

Easier far to pretend,

Than face the chasm.

Pack my hopes

In a feather bag,

Sleep your sleep,

Dream your dream.

When you wake I’ll be long gone,

Winging to the sun.

If you would like to use the splendid painting as inspiration, please do. Post your creations in the comments box and leave a link…

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Book Festivals

I am pleased to announce that I received an Honorable Mention for my poetry collection titled, “Autumn Quotes.” Here’s a picture of North Depot in Sandusky, Ohio where one of the poems takes place or there by a closeness in proximity.

North Depot

I entered it in a book festival in Orlando, Florida last year and the ceremony will be held in Boston, Massachusetts in January. The table is open for winners, runner up entries and honorable mentions. I’d love to go but have stylist class and no money. The winner gets the trip paid. Lucky dog. The Omni Parker Hotel and specifically the Saturday Club will hold the special occasion. This felt good to be noticed among other entries. I selected this festival based upon recent research about the state and my thoughts on its history.

Other cities host these festivals on line such as LA, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hollywood and others. See the winners here: FloridaBookFestival

coverAutumn Quotes is my first poetry collection that surprised me in that I didn’t know I had such intricate and beautiful words inside me. I had written a couple poems in my youth, performed in the arts but never tried so many forms or been encouraged to write. Read, yes. Write, no.

I plan on beginning a second volume later this year and already have the title. This time it will be saucier, more in depth, using less restraint and you can see this by the title, “Smoked and Spiced.” I will explore more forms and use as many as possible. Most definitely it will contain the ways of the world. I look forward to this venture. For now here is a poem from my book available on Amazon “Autumn Quotes” by Caroline Clemens … the winter section!




Every day I come to you
Every season I walk the streets to you
Every year I exist for you
Now I find I want to know you

My train passed by your factory yard.
Every trip I longingly look your way.
Chatting with the ladies til the whistle blew.
I caught the swirl of your skirt, the bounce in your step.
You turned your head and with the wink of your eye, I smiled.
Lips that spoke to me of promises I knew not.
Tomorrows wait pained me, so many breathes away.
But I would come again to see my Pearl.

Heat of the summer consumes us inside as we toile.
We head outside for relief and pat our foreheads dry.
The train comes by bringing us a slow noisy breeze.
The girls and I talk nonsense sipping tepid drinks.
Never long enough this break, the whistle blows too soon.
Inching by the train is almost gone; a man with a hat catches my eye.
I stand and turn gazing upon these eyes with a lustrous smile.
My left eyelid descends, I know not why; lips parted waiting for my breath.
Anxiously, I must wait for tomorrow to see my John.
Every day I come to you
Every season I walk the streets to you
Every year I exist for you
Now I find I cannot leave you

Two in the morning and I depart North Depot Street.
Walking, so hurriedly upon this shiny wet tar,
Hoping you are still up and waiting for me.
I’ve been to Cleveland and back, the night watchman in the caboose.
The New York Central and I, all alone out there, year after year.
Some years went by fast and others very slow.
Til I met you … then the sun came out like a broad way show.
Its ice cream sundaes, radio ball games, trains, zoos, and late night rendezvous.

Dinner is over, watching Johnnie on TV, I’m waiting for you.
Blessed was the day I saw you looking at me, your lips curved up.
The smile surprised me and united my senses, I relented.
Now regularly you come to my front door.
Buying me gifts from your travels to cities, east and west.
After midnight I hear the whistle, the in-bound train at the depot.
Evermore the gentleman, a happy guy who makes me smile,
Let’s play some cards and laugh out loud.
Every day I come to you
Every season I walk the streets to you
Every year I exist for you
Now I find I must be with you

All these miles I’ve walked round this town.
I’ve carried our groceries, paid bills at the downtown bank,
Visited the doctor, dentist, barber and the liquor store, too.
Traveling by two feet, never driving a car, exercise!
Walk, walk, walk, read my prevention magazine.
Ate my homemade salmon loaf, iceberg lettuce and fried everything else.
A double shot of Fleischman’s, once or twice a day,
Followed by ice cream and a True Story read.

I miss you when you take your walks, like to go, too.
These legs of mine gave out long ago from cane to walker, chair then bed.
Sometimes, I just cry and let it out! Yes, I feel sorry for myself.
My granddaughter says I give to everyone but me.
She says I make her feel better, that’s why she comes so often.

Dear John,
What would I do? Where would I be without you?
Now you’ve gone first and I am alone, missing you. Are you waiting for me?

Dear Pearl,
I’ll wait forever, take your time. I’m not going anywhere, I love you.

Every day I come to you
Every season I walk the streets to you
Every year I exist for you
This lifetime together tells me our love is forever!

By Caroline Clemens

Click on Amazon for purchase site and to see other books by this author.

Kim Troike

Photography by KTroike

Book Cover by ThinkstockImages

Sleigh ride.

Holiday Traditions

Sleigh ride.

Holiday Traditions give us that nostalgic feeling inside due to the memory. We remember the love, the warm feeling that overcame us and caused us to smile. This could also be called JOY.

Add in the music, friends, and the deliciousness of tasty homemade cookies, meats and spirits, well, you have what we call the merriment. Somewhere along the way, an old Saint Nick entered the picture and lo and behold Santa appeared. More stories abounded the libraries and minds of children and believers everywhere. I’m so excited right now thinking about it all.

Sleigh rides in the snow, Nativity scenes with baby Jesus, Christmas greetings, the magic of Santa, ice skating on ponds, frozen nostrils, viewing our breath over and over, and catching snowflakes on our tongues preceded the hot cocoa with marshmallows our mother’s made for us once our ice laden mittens were removed.

What is magic? I would say its different for everyone, but children play in fantasy up til age seven or nine and this is completely normal growth and development. Later on in my teens and twenties it was the feeling inside, most specifically the snowy Christmas Eve around midnight when all was still, while the covers kept me warm and church bells lingered in my presence. What magic would the world bring me?

Goodness, I knew it would be wonderful. I wanted it so. I believed, so therefore it was. Traditions come and go, or we alter them and add new ones. When we look back it is how we celebrated Christs’ birthday, a season for rebirth. Later on we realize Christmas is for kids! Then we cut back our exchanges and give to others that have none or less than ourselves. We get that feeling that it is better to give than receive. Our Christmas card list decreases or we go green by use of internet cards, etc. And before we know it we’ve begun a new tradition.

It’s okay to adapt our traditions and bring them up to speed, to modernize our thoughts and actions to include others and appreciate differences, especially religious.

My traditions have had several changes over the years from being the child to having my own children. Both were magical, warm and memorable. To my dear fellow bloggers consider this my first newsletter, for it is you who read my blogs which are connected to my writing, photography, humor, and creativity. There’s music in there somewhere. I’m not sure where this is going, if anywhere, but since I learned (after all everyone starts somewhere) how to, my novel ideas and fresh thoughts may urge me to write again.



My novel Into the Vines and novella String the Cranberries from NaNoWriMo 2013 are both FREE on Christmas Day December 25th, 2015 as my gift to many for the gift I’ve received, the magic of writing.



By Kim Troike