Ireland’s Treasure at Cliffs of Moher


I want to go here someday!!!

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The Cliffs of Moher, located 3 hours from Dublin on the West coast of Ireland, rising over 750 feet at their highest point, are one of Ireland’s most spectacular sights!  As a day trip from Dublin, it makes for a long day (12 hours round-trip with stops), but an unforgettable one!  We were fortunate to have beautiful weather, a bit windy with temperatures near 70 degrees.  The rugged and stunning scenery was simply gorgeous!



Walking from one end to the other along the paths was invigorating after the bus ride…


I booked the trip through a company called Irish Day Tours and the guide’s accent was charming!  He warned against standing on the edges because tourists have either fallen or the cliff has given way.


My friend Teresa looking lovely as usual!



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The Procession: the whole story


From a fellow blogger named Jane. Fantasy tale with words that skip on glittering water followed by “whirlpool of notes” and finally the ending. Lovely.

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Here is the entire story—my glimpse of it anyway. I’ve added a final 100 words to make it a round 500.


Bejewelled and bedecked they trooped through the deep green light of the sea caves as if they were at court, accepting the homage of bass and flounder with blind arrogance, dead souls streaming from the wreck. Barnacles studded satins and silks; needlefish threaded through torn lace, bloodied and scorched.
“Where are you going?” the wanderer asked.
“To see the new queen crowned.”
The voices trailed away into a gargle of bubbles as a chasm opened beneath their dead, mincing feet. The wanderer turned his face into the glittering morning sunlight, brilliant as a shoal of minnows, and continued his journey.

She looked with scorn at the cortege that tripped and strutted on jewelled feet into the utter darkness. The ship emptied, poured out its cargo of dead souls, following…

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Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 7


This author and fellow blogger is from New Orleans, a city I never made it to. That’s a future short story I’ll write someday ZouxZoux. Thanks for your poems of Katrina. This map says it all.

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Hurricane Katrina Arrives August 30, 2005 Hurricane Katrina Arrives
August 29, 2005

Photo via NASA Earth Observatory

In remembrance of lives lost and lives forever changed due to the Federal levee breach in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I’ll be posting poems and short essays I’ve written over the past 10 years through August 29.

Never Forget.


August 2005

Bloated river, threatening levee.
A fifth of gin for a genie appearance.

The bottle answered,
rolling out like a funeral.

That’s the best you can hope for.

The sky broke down, finally. Wailed
hard and sweltering.


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Author Kim Troike

by Kim Troike

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I’m so glad you you found my blog and you are just in time. I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts via theivorytide over the next several months. Topics from my novel are included with an assortment from adoption and aviation to Paris and the French countryside in the Loire Valley.

I learned so many things writing this story that I want to share that knowledge with others. Thanks for stopping by! Two articles are already written and you’ll find them under the heading “Into the Vines” over at my blog. Click here.

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Bastille Day!!

Here is my poem French Blue I wrote in 2012, before I published the novel “Bleu Moon” which is included in my trilogy “Into the Vines.” Come read and visit sites you only dreamed about all the while discovering an adventurous plot involving a contemporary global theme! What is so exciting is that I’ve never been to Paris, yet, I explored so much of the city of light in my novel. You will too!

I’m told its as though you are right there, now that’s magic. This month on Amazon my novels French Bleu(R rated) & Bleu Moon(G rated) are FREE on select days with their Kindle and Kindle Direct Publishing avenues or KDP.

My novel “Into the Vines” by Kim Troike can be bought on Kindle for 3.99 and paperback is also available through Amazon. Into the Vines is for teens, YA, and adult readers.

Bastille Day is today and later this month the Blue Moon occurs on July 31st. These are things that happen but the real story is the characters, so warm they will surely capture your heart. You might even fall in love. My books are available here.

French Blue

French blue, a color so true
Full of promise and hope
Ye shall see this as I say.

Power me to be free to
Want not but love and do
You see her glory, written so true?

The accordion plays on and on
Wanting love, expecting no less
For it’s beauty shines and sings.

Patient and blue longs for it’s rendezvous
Again romance found a door, smiles let go,
Sighs give relief, pardon adieu!

No sadness seen in a city of light
Many hours to make things right
Love, yes, ignites without fight.

Notes of song bring rhythm
Two by two, feelings join the rhyme
Blue, the hue, pour me a cup.
Grapes divine, sings freedoms song.


by gardenlilie/2012
By now you know, I’m a hopeless romantic.
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